The Pins

I have spent months creating something so dear to me - a piece of my heart that is currently being etched and molded into something tangible we can all wear. I am so proud to finally tell you about


Wearing your heart on your sleeve is literally impossible, but when you have a heart that is broken people can’t tell from the outside. Back in the old days (like, really old days) it was customary to wear black for a year, so everyone around you knew that someone you loved had died - and to treat you gently.

This is what my pins will do. They will let others know that you are hurting without you having to say any words. They will encourage people around you to tread lightly, to give you space & grace.

So please, wear your heart on your sleeve. I think it might help.

bird with colourful tears-01.png

Here is a sneak peek at the first official design for my grieving pins.

They will be available for purchase by the holidays!

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