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offering perspective to grieving hearts by sharing my life of love + Loss.


“ I hope my words crack a broken heart wide open,

so that it has a chance to crumble & breathe.

Only after we fall apart completely

can we see how the pieces will fit back together again. “

- me.

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There might have been a few different things that brought you to my page, any of which I’m glad caught your attention. Whatever it was, my hope is that you’ve come here to dig a little deeper. Here you will find a home for your tender heart, a companion in hard times. Someone to celebrate all you have been through and


everything you have yet to. Someone to say it’s ok to eat that cookie and cry a little longer, but also someone who tells it like it is and will give you a good kick in the ass if you need it. Basically, I’m your friend, sharing with you my daily up’s + down’s, my musings on living this life after loss.

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A must read

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If you only read one thing I’ve written, I hope it’s this.



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read from top to bottom or dip a toe into just one.

excerpts from my life, living with great loss, great love & the mundane in between.



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Words for Broken Hearts



Of Motherhood

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well, hello there!


If you like a speed dating kind of introduction, here it is;

I’m Katie. I have 4 kids. My husband is super duper handsome. We have a dog. I don’t particularity like said dog. I love photography. I love documenting my kids lives. We own a restaurant. I love to write. I don’t like board games. I really don’t like puzzles.

If you’d like to get to know me better than that - click the button below.



the story of lochlan

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my greatest pleasure is sharing my son’s story.

by reading these words, his memory is kept alive + my pride swells. He was courageous - we all were - in a terrible and frightening time.

he is the reason I share.

He is my courage and my heartbreak.