Just as bucket lists can inspire us for the future, reverse bucket lists can make us grateful for the now.jpeg

I’d love to work with you

collaboration + creating

collaboration is the new competition


I believe in lifting each other up. This is a big ‘ol world with lots of people stepping on each other,

and I know that if we just worked together more often we would all be reaching our goals.

If you would like to chat with me about a collaboration, please click on one of the squares below. I would be really happy to talk and see if we could become a dream team.


this is me… I hope we jive.

I am a very driven person. I don’t shy away from hard work.

I run on coffee.

Advocacy. I live it, and truly believe in it’s power.

I love wicker baskets and might have a problem.

I am outspoken. I use my voice to shed light on things that seem uncomfortable to talk about.

I love beautiful light and always point my camera towards it.

I have experienced deep grief, and am a kinder person because of it.

Self proclaimed Foodie.

I believe in blazing a trail for people who will experience grief after me.

I love wearing glasses.