I love to write and i am passionate about topics that have touched my heart

The act of writing - actually putting pen to paper - has become the most effective tool for me to work through some pretty terrible losses in my life. Being able to put a voice to the ramblings in my mind has created a clear path for why I continue to write today. I want to reach people, and I want to share that they are not alone. Unfortunately, I have been through some very isolating times, where my heart has been broken over and over, and even after doing some really hard work to patch myself up - it’s been broken again. I focus a lot of my writing on grief, loss and living a life after someone you love no longer sits besides you. I pride myself on being an advocate for special needs and using my platform to talk about daily life with a child who has Down syndrome. I talk about raising twins, raising three little kids under four years old, and mothering a child who soars in Heaven. Yes, it can be heavy at times, and that’s exactly what someone who is dealing with any of those topics needs to read - what she needs to listen to and know she has a companion in this chaos.

But, my trademark will always be to find some sort of humor among the hard, some place where a laugh can be heard

because without a crack of happiness, hope has no room grow

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