My Feeding Journey

My breastfeeding journey.
• NICU pumping
• Was never able to use any of my milk
• Heartbreak of donating a giant tub full of liquid gold • Forcing my body to stop producing after Lochlan's death.

• Attempting tandem nursing
• Daughter won't latch
• Son and I struggle
• Nurse one twin
• Pump 8 x a day for other twin
• Cry and consider quiting EVERYDAY
• Lots of bottle feeding
• Lots of formula
• Son weans at 11 months and never really liked it anyways

• One healthy baby
• Son latches immediately
• I never really introduce a bottle
• Easy experience
• Still blissfully happy to nurse this guy whenever he wants it (even at 1am).

You don't know anyone's story. You don't know if it was hard or easy, if it was fought for or just couldn't happen. Not every photo of a mom breastfeeding is sweet and blissful, that mom might be in the depths of heartache and struggle. Never judge how someone feeds their child - we are all just doing our best.