This is Kenzie

In honor of World Down Syndrome Day - March 21 3 / /21

This is Kenzie.

She has blonde hair and blue eyes. 

She is sassy and sweet.

She is also naughty.

She hates getting her hair brushed.

She smiles when her Dad enters the room.

She loves to have Mom carry her.

She is incredibly stubborn.

She loves music.

Especially P!NK

She likes to sing in the car.

She bosses her brothers around.

Her favorite word is No.

She loves to play with water.

She loves Cheerios. 

She gives out hugs to only her favorites.

She has a darling little raspy voice.

She works hard.

She loves her family.

She has one extra 21st Chromosome.

Just like you, there are many things that make Kenzie the amazing person she is, Down syndrome is just a tiny thing on that list. 

For World Down Syndrome Day my hope is that you celebrate with us and recognize ALL the amazing attributes that make Kenzie who she is. Ask us questions, learn something about Down Syndrome you didn’t know before, I would be honored to share with you. 

This is Kenzie. And I’m celebrating every inch of this perfect little person.