100 Days of Sleep with Endy

Holy smokes, it’s already been three months since we moved the twins into bunk beds and onto their Endy mattresses, and I wanted to chat about how the transition has been going in case any of you are thinking of doing the same for your kids soon.

Most of the time, it’s really great. Some of the time, I wish I had kept them in cribs until they were 12.

The mattresses? Amazing. Twin toddlers able to now get out of their beds any time they want? Not amazing. So let me get down into the details…

In May, we set up bunk beds and brought in the thick, soft mattresses from Endy for the kids. Right away they were excited, they jumped and played and laughed while we set the beds up, and the first night was full of a lot of energy and some astonishing success. Immediately we noticed that Wally was much more comfortable; he slept longer and if I looked back at the room monitor I could see he actually moved around less than in his crib. He started choosing to read a book in his bed, he wanted to bring all his cars up to his bunk and drive them over his mountain of blankets. When I asked him if he liked his new bed after a while, his eyes would light up and he’d nod his head shyly.


Kenzie loved her freedom immediately, and it was clear she desired the extra space of a bigger bed. She had been experiencing sleep issues for over a year, and we hoped the Endy mattress would improve nights of rest for her. For the most part, it really did. She slept much sounder for blocks of time, and I knew the design of the mattress was giving her hips and neck extra support. The difference between Wally and Kenzie though, is that Kenzie has Sleep Apnea, so the transition to a bed where she can get out at any hour of the night was pretty hard for everyone. To be honest, the biggest benefit for having Kenzie on this mattress was that it’s dreamy for Mom + Dad to sleep on with her. Because it’s so soft and firm at the same time (that seems weird, but it’s true!) you don’t feel much movement from the person next to you, all thanks to their zero motion transfer technology. It made sleeping with Kenzie - something we have to do, to help her back to sleep several times a night - a much more comfortable experience.

I am incredibly happy with these mattresses, I know the twins are getting better rest while sleeping on them, and I feel better about the support Kenzie’s low body tone is getting while she sleeps. After 100 days of the twins sleeping on twin mattresses, I can’t recommend Endy enough. It is an incredibly thoughtful company, and it’s all made in Canada which was a huge draw for me. If you know you’ll be co-sleeping to smooth your toddler’s transition into a big bed, consider this mattress and ensure both your child and you get a good nights sleep.

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