First Day of School... but not.

A small glimpse of my heart this morning.⁣

Today Instagram will be flooded by photos of bright eyed kids, making their way to the first day of school. A new grade, a new start, and proud parents all over the internet are teary eyed watching them head out, another year older. ⁣

My son, Lochlan would have been starting kindergarten today. ⁣
But instead, he isn’t. ⁣
I’ll never watch him step onto a school bus and wave goodbye. ⁣this first day will never come.

This image is so very sad, but it’s part of a truth that many parents feel on a day like today. ⁣

This image is for the parent who feels pangs of sadness today, when they scroll through IG and are reminded of the milestone their child will never reach. ⁣

I am so happy for all the kids who step into their future today, and It’s so wonderful to see the pride all those parents feel. But today, should have been Lochlan’s day. And possibly it should have been your child’s, too.⁣

So for me, and for you - this photo says what we can’t bring ourselves to... ⁣

I had a child, and I wear my tears as proudly as yours. ⁣

One image of heartbreak infused into today’s waterfall of happy photos. This isn’t meant to dampen your mood, only to stir a greater understanding that the world is full of happy & sad parents today.⁣