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I do have a choice

Image by Jayme Lang.

I remembered how incredibly angry that remark used to make me. I couldn’t believe someone’s shortsightedness would allow them to think I had a choice in living my life after losing my son, to think I had a choice in putting one tired & broken foot in front of the other, and I would silently hate them. 

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Ebb + Flow

There are days that friends can give all their time to help your heart heal, and there are days those same people need a break. Build your support like a well oiled Jenga tower, when one piece needs to tap out and rest on top, lean into the pieces on the bottom that are ready and waiting to give all they can.

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Feels like Home

Lochlan's home was here, in this hospital. This is where I knew him. His only nursery was a private tiny room filled with machines and nurses. We never left, everything I did to love and support him happened here. 

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Musings on Grief

I fuss over the dresser next to my bed, constantly rearranging where things go, changing the photo in the white frame and the flowers that always sit there. It’s important work for me to care, nurture and pour love into this tiny space - this plot that I’ve given to my boy.

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